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C+ Rodeos

Serving the rodeo community since 1984.


C+ Rodeos is a full-service rodeo contracting business offering both rough stock and timed event live stock, as well as all the staff and services required to produce rodeos of all sizes.

We have been a member of the CPRA since the late 1980s allowing us to work at some of the largest rodeos in Western Canada. We also maintain strong ties to the province of British Columbia and the BC rodeo community. We partner with the BCRA, the BC High School Rodeo Association, and various events through the province to keep the sport of rodeo alive and strong. 

October 2023

C+ Rodeos is currently in our off-season and will be back for more rodeo action in 2024.


If you are interested in hiring us for any of our other services please head to our contact page.


The 2023 rodeo season has come to a close and no further dates have been scheduled until the end of the year. 

When the 2024 rodeo season begins you can find the monthly schedule here, or check out our schedule page for the full 2024 C+ rodeo season. 

The C+ Rodeos map is a quick and easy way to find your way to all of our rodeo destinations and keep up to date on where we are currently located. Whether we're at home or a rodeo, find us any time.






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