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Our History

1984 was the beginning of a new stock contracting company in British Columbia. With their love and passion for rodeo, Roy and Earl Call, two brothers from 150 Mile House had formed C+ Rodeos. The business evolved on their family ranch off of Horsefly Road, where commercial cattle was the main source of revenue. As the stock contracting business grew in the following years from the few bulls they had purchased, the commercial cattle went by the wayside, and rodeo stock contracting became the primary source of income on the Call family ranch.

A young Earl Call jumps a bull in his early bullfighting career
A young Roy Call in his early days as a bull fighter
A young Earl Call, dressed in his bull fighting attire, helps a young cowboy


Today, three generations of the Call family still work the ranch together daily. Carol Call is the family matriarch and is involved in the day-to-day ranching activities alongside her sons and their families. The rest of the family team includes Earl and Kat, Isabelle and Paige (Earl's daughters), Roy and Judy, and Cody and Brooke (Roy's son and daughter) who all contribute daily to the success of the family ranch and C+ Rodeos business.



Earl Call and his children at the Williams Lake Stampede
Carol Call and her granddaughter Isabelle on the cover of Interior Women
Roy Call and his children

C+ Rodeos continues to stand as a pillar in the British Columbia and Canadian rodeo communities. Having been a member of the CPRA (Canadian Professional Rodeo Association) since the late 1980s, C+ Rodeos has worked at some of the largest rodeos across the country, including the Canadian Finals Rodeos and Calgary Stampede. We also partner with the BCRA (British Columbia Rodeo Association), the BC High School Rodeo Association, and various events throughout the province to keep the sport of rodeo alive and strong.

All in all, the C+ partnership has worked for close to 40 years primarily because there has been compartmentalization of responsibilities and respect for the work done by all the family members. If you have questions about trucks talk to Earl, if it's a rodeo contract or an insurance issue, talk to Roy. Both care about the business, ranch, and family, and it's family that sets C+ apart.

About Us

Serving the rodeo community since 1984

The C+ Rodeos Team

Roy Call


Roy and his wife Judy reside on the ranch along with Roy's two adult children, Cody and Brooke. Roy rode bulls at the start of his rodeo career and spent over twenty years fighting bulls and was selected to fight bulls at amateur finals over a dozen times in that period. Now, Roy's primary jobs at rodeos are flanking bucking horses and bulls, and sorting through all the logistics associated with a large venture such as C+ Rodeos.

The rodeo season is a largely seasonal business, but the rodeo business is a 365-day-per-year job. C+ is a full-service rodeo business. This means our tasks are not only rodeo stock-related, and feeding and maintaining a herd is a year-round endeavour. When you add in convention rodeos and clinics, plus a full rodeo slate, downtime is very scarce. Before one season ends, the next begins in terms of schedules, the staff, and the stock, as well as organizing the trucks and trailers is a major job.


Roy has some out of arena interests as well. A long-time hockey player and coach, he has enjoyed the sport his entire life. It has been a major part of his family's life growing up, and the years coaching his kids were some of his best and the players he has coached are a great source of pride for him.  

Roy Call and his son, Cody

Earl Call

Owner & Pick Up Man

Earl Call, the younger brother of the C+ duo, is an integral member of the rodeo community in and out of the arena. One of the few cowboys to boast the title of champion in three decades he holds the titles of 1988 CRA All Around Champion, 1989 CRA Bareback Riding Champion, 1989 BCRA Bull Riding Champion, 1992 BCRA Bull Riding Champion, 2000 BCRA Bull Riding Champion, 2002 Nemiah Valley Mountain Race Champion, and 2003 BCRA Bull Riding Champion, to name a few.


As an all around cowboy Earl has competed in team roping, calf roping, steer wrestling, bareback riding, and bull riding and has been a member of the BCRA for so long his card number is simply '89'. He started his career as a bullfighter in 1989, and shortly after followed this as a pick up man in the early 90's going on to win pick up man of the year in 1999. Today, Earl continues his rodeo legacy in the arena picking up for the cowboys that continue to keep rodeo strong.

Earl Call acting as pick up man at the Williams Lake Stampede

Cody Call


Cody was born to Roy and Kelly Call in 1998, and like all of the kids in the family, has grown up in the rodeo community. In the summer of 2016, while Cody was still in high school, he began his career as a bullfighter. Learning from his uncle and putting in practice inside and out of the arena, Cody grew into a well respected and recognized bullfighter through out BC. Having worked with all the stock contractors across BC he has fought bulls across the province and crossed the border into Alberta. He has worked for the CPRA, BRC, and BCRA and today continues on his journey as a bullfighter, doing his part to protect the cowboys getting on bulls, and the young cowboys and cowgirls making their way in steer riding.

Cody Call bullfighting





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