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Over the years, C+ Rodeos has expanded our business and now offers a variety of services. 


Horse riding through the C+ rodeos ranch during the beautiful fall season

Over the Covid-19 pandemic while the rodeo community was hit with hard times and seeing no rodeos, C+ Rodeos took matters into our own hands. Building a functioning rodeo arena commenced and we began hosting small rodeos for those in the community who wanted to continue their summer tradition of rodeoing. 

During this time, we also learned that outside of our community, there had grown a large interest in rodeo and a desire to learn more about our sport. People had developed a love and appreciation for the ranching lifestyle and a keen interest in learning more about the behind the scenes of our rodeo business. We decided to welcome these groups with open arms and teach them about our lifestyle and have since created several options for groups or individuals to come and spend time with our family on the ranch. These groups have included First Nations bands programs, school groups, daycare programs, class reunion events, individual businesses, and many more.


Group of happy event goers following their highschool reunion hosted by C+ Rodeos

There are all kinds of options for groups or individuals to come out and enjoy our families ranch and learn about our business. Some of our most popular packages are listed on the right.

We also have catering available and out friends at the Laughing Loon are tremendous at meeting the culinary requirements of any group, from hot dogs and burgers to top of the line dining, they can do whatever you need to make your experience the best it can be.

For additional information and to book a package that's right for you, please contact us.

Full Day Package

Includes a tour and lecture portion (with opportunities for questions and answers) through the morning, full hot lunch (baron or beef, corn on the cob, salads, drinks, and snacks). After lunch there is an interactive rodeo experience with photo opportunities on a rodeo bull, learning to rope, riding a saddle horse, and many other hands on activities. The day ends with the 'convention rodeo' where contestants demonstrate skills in the arena on bucking horses and bulls. All in a full day and a full on, in depth learning experience.

Half Day Package

Starting around 1PM and going directly into the interactive rodeo portion of events, this package includes about 90 minutes of arena activities followed by a 'convention rodeo' that runs roughly 3-3.5 hours.

Build it Yourself Package

Like anything on the farm, flexibility is a must, and we believe this also applies to business. This is why we offer a package where we work with you to make sure you experience everything you might want for a day on the ranch.

Commercial Transport

We have a variety of equipment for hire as listed to the right. 

To hire us and our equipment please contact Roy.

C. (250)-305-0129

H. (250)-296-3317

Two Kenworth Tractors


Two Merritt Tried Cattle Liners


One Wilson 48' Straight Liner and a set of Trail Mobile "Super B" Trailers that can be set up to haul round bales or standard "Super B" loads.

Pickup Truck and Gooseneck as well as Flat Deck Trailer and Stock Trailer.

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